Lily crafts and facilitates unique narrative experiences from intimate gatherings to large scale experiences. 


One iteration begins with a gathering of people who have agreed to bring to the space someone they have lost, who they are comfortable sharing, in order to celebrate, remember, and re-member them. Other gatherings organize around a collective death focusing on a singular human and/or large scale event. Her new experiential system is “A Living Cemetery of Our Former Selves, exploring personal identity transformation, in which we reckon with, pay homage to and bid farewell to our formers selves in order to make room for new ones.”


Here are some queries that inform all processes:

  • How can we use the perceived obstacles of this time as opportunity? How can distance be a tool? 

  • What can we do digitally that we can’t do in real life? 

  •  How can we consciously engage our avatar presence as a new kind of tool? 

(Such as “distant presenting.” The point is not to try and pretend we’re together in physical    proximity, but to find a new kind of togetherness.)


  • What does the shape // scope of loss look like? How far and who does it impact?

  • What are the mechanisms of remembering? From practical to esoteric: how can the act of “going back” inform our present and revision our future?

  • How can we best handle the grief of having someone we know die alone?

  • What are the impacts of dealing with loss in isolation? 

  • What if in remembering people who died, we could “re-member” them and somehow move their resonance forward? 


  • Who do we think we are? 

  • Who do we think we need to be?

  • Who and how haven’t we been?

  • Who do we feel like we can (and need) to be that we haven’t had the chance to be?


  • Moving beyond the nostalgia of sharing memory, can the time we spend together literally change us — transform us?